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Does Your Commercial Building Need Waterproofing Services?

Does Your Commercial Building Need Waterproofing Services?

Waterproofing services are vital for keeping your commercial building safe. Here are the signs that your business might need waterproofing.

Waterproofing services are vital for keeping your commercial building in the best shape. Moisture damage compromises the structural integrity of a commercial building. It can destroy the protective layers of floors and degenerate the fibers of wooden walls, thus weakening the material. 

Moisture damage also causes corrosion and rust in iron and steel materials. Fortunately, you can count on Lanham Construction and our waterproofing services to keep your commercial building protected. Here are the signs that your business might need waterproofing. 

Mold Accumulation 

The top sign of much-needed waterproofing is mold growth. Mold comes from spores and typically appears in places where excess moisture exists. It’s time to call us if you see mold growth on the ceilings, walls, and corners of your building. It’s also vital to pay attention to mold growth because its presence causes unpleasant odors to permeate a building. 

Mold can make people sick. Not only do you want to protect your building from deteriorating. However, you also don’t want to ruin your company’s reputation or make your building unsafe.  

Bubbled and Cracked Paint

Bubbled and cracked paint happens when the coating loses its adhesion because of moisture or heat. It’s only a temporary solution to repaint your building. The permanent solution is waterproofing services. 

Warped Floors

Warped wood or cracked concrete is another sign that absorbed moisture is an issue in your building. Commercial waterproofing services prevent wood floors from warping and cracks in concrete flooring

White Powder on Your Mortar

White powder on mortar is known as efflorescence, indicating that water-soluble salts are seeping through your masonry. You can wash off the white sediment. However, this does little to stop the issue from happening again. Moisture intrusion is the cause of efflorescence. Therefore, it’s best to mitigate this situation effectively with commercial waterproofing services. 

The Overall Benefits of Waterproofing Your Business 

  1. Waterproofing a structure protects it: In the past, thick masonry walls supported large buildings and protected the interior from water infiltration. The stone used in the walls was highly water resistant. However, many modern structures don’t have the same exterior bulk protecting the inside. A lot of high-rise buildings have thin walls without weatherproofing. Therefore, exterior waterproofing is essential for preserving a building’s envelope. 
  2. Reduced maintenance costs: Water damage makes a commercial building costly to repair. Wooden structures, particularly, can benefit from waterproofing. Otherwise, water-damaged wood can lead to termite infestations. 
  3. Aesthetic Preservation: Rain and other sources can affect a building’s aesthetics. Once again, paint can bubble without the proper protection, and flooring can crack and weaken. Discoloration also results from water damage

Contact our waterproofing experts today to learn more about the benefits of interior and exterior waterproofing. 

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