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Improving Your Backyard Pond With Hardscaping

Improving Your Backyard Pond With Hardscaping

You should consider the value of hardscaping your backyard’s pond.

There are so many benefits to having a backyard pond. First, water features in general offer benefits for both physical and mental health. The moving water, plus the beauty of the scene you create can do wonders. Backyard ponds also benefit the local wildlife and insects. If you want to attract more native critters into your yard, a pond is a great idea. The complexity of your project can play a big role in how beneficial it is to you. A tiny pond, little more than a plastic-lined hole in the ground with a bubbler might be all you need to get the benefits of enjoying the sound and sight of moving water. However, if you want a more interesting backyard water feature, with interesting drops creating water falls, beautiful native plants attracting critters, and complex and rhythmic sounds from the water movement, you should consider the value of corresponding hardscaping projects.

Retaining Walls To Support The Pond

Most ponds require a relatively flat area of ground as a starting canvas, and depending on your yard, that might not be possible without some retaining walls to level the areas. Once you begin to think about how a retaining wall might fit into and improve your existing landscaping, ask your contractor about incorporating it into the pond to create waterfalls between multilevel pools or simply as an anchor for a fountain element. The retaining wall can both improve the “canvas” of your yard and also act as an element in the pond set up. 

Paths That Lead To The Pond

Next, think about how you will walk to and from your pond. You could, of course, simply walk through the grass, but a beautiful path will do more to pull the yard together. The path that connects the pond area to your home will also draw the eye from one section to the other as people visually take in the yard as a whole. A nice sidewalk will also make it easier for you and others to get to the pond and enjoy it.

A Patio Where You Can Enjoy The Pond

Finally, the “grand daddy” of hardscaping projects for any backyard is probably the patio, and if you need a new one, enjoying your new pond is a great reason to take that plunge. Patios give you a comfortable place to relax and sit while you enjoy the beauty of the new pond, enjoy listening to the movement of the water, and enjoy the anticipation of waiting for native critters to discover it. If the pond is a little ways away from the patio, you can plant flowers or other landscaping elements around the pond and around the patio to tie the two spaces together. 

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