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Controlling Water On Your Property: French Drains

Controlling Water On Your Property: French Drains

French drains are a flood solution and can also be applied to commercial properties with drainage issues. Read on to learn more!

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and boy did it feel like we got a lot of rain last month (bring on the flowers!). If you’ve got a basement that floods or a property with drainage issues, all that rain probably made April pretty miserable for you. Make this the year you tackle those drainage or flooding issues head on. Many people approach the issues of a flooded basement by completing waterproofing measures inside (which is a great solution), but there are also exterior solutions to consider as well. French drains are one such solution, and it is one that can also be applied to commercial property with drainage issues (like a parking lot at the base of a hill that floods routinely). Let’s learn about the basics of french drains and when they can be useful.

What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is a system for diverting water from where you don’t want it to a place where it can cause less damage. Typically the french drain will resemble a gravel drainage ditch, though it is possible to make it look like a beautiful hardscaping element if you want to. Under the gravel, the work is done by a perforated pipe that caries the water away to another part of the property (often to an area storm drain intake).

How Do They Work?

The french drain will be installed typically upslope of the area that needs to be protected from flooding. The pipe is laid in the ground on an angle so that water that flows in also flows down and away (you don’t want it sitting stagnant in a flat pipe). The pipe should be wide enough to collect the volume of water necessary during heavy rains. The top of the pip is perforated to allow the water to enter. On top of the pipe, the layer of gravel helps to channel the water into the pipe.

Where Do You Install French Drains?

French drains can be used to prevent rainwater runoff from flowing into basements or pooling around foundations. They can also be used to prevent flooding or puddling of water in landscaped areas of your yard or garden. They are also super helpful on many commercial properties, where they can prevent flooding of low laying areas like parking lots and ball fields. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t just throw them into the ground anywhere. You have to have a clear plan that includes where the water will flow out (you don’t want it to flow into someone else’s property and cause a problem for them).

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