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Tips on Preventing Mold Growth in Your Basement: Part Two

Tips on Preventing Mold Growth in Your Basement: Part Two

Here are more tips on preventing mold growth in your basement. There is so much valuable information to share; part two was necessary!

Preventing mold growth prevents foul-smelling odors from spreading while helping you and your family avoid potential health problems. Recently, we published part one of how to prevent mold growth in your basement. There is so much valuable information to share that part two was necessary. Here are more tips on preventing mold growth in your basement. 

Keep Your Basement Clutter-Free

Preventing mold growth is as simple as maintaining a clutter-free space. Too many items in your basement can cause congestion and block air from flowing freely throughout your basement. If you store objects in this area of your home, ensure that they don’t make direct contact with the floors or walls. 

Insulate Your Basement

You must insulate it if you use your basement as a living space. Insulating your basement’s pipes, walls, and windows actively prevents condensation and reduce humidity levels. Also, the proper insulation keeps your basement warm without adding extra moisture to the air. 

Keep Plants Out of the Basement

Plants can make any room look cozy. However, it’s best not to house them in the basement. Plants are a food source for mold, and plants should only be in locations with more than enough air and sun. However, if you insist on putting foliage in the basement for decorative purposes, you should limit the number of plants you use. Additionally, you never want to overwater plants. Also, check the leaves and soil and change the soil if you notice mold or mildew. Anti-fungal treatments are excellent for plants as well. 

Refrain from Storing Wood in the Basement 

Wood floors and furniture are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Like carpeting, mold can also live on organic materials such as wood. It’s better to store wood in an airy, open environment and away from your home’s foundation

Vent Appliances Properly

Many homeowners keep appliances in the basement. However, it would be best to vented machines such as washers and dryers. Otherwise, the steam these machines produce will have no place to go, resulting in ceilings and walls being trapped with moisture. If you can’t vent your appliances, the best thing to do is open your basement windows or use a fan. 

Keep the Air Fresh

Basements have high humidity. You can make any space in your home less humid by replacing the humid air with fresh air. We also suggest hanging wet clothes upstairs instead of in your basement. You can also invest in an exhaust fan to keep your home dry and prevent standing surface water. 

Invest in a Humidifier 

A poorly-ventilated basement leads to mold growth. However, a humidifier can help prevent this. Fans are effective. However, humidifiers remove excess moisture from areas that are hard to reach, like beneath your floors. 

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