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How Pests Can Seriously Damage Your Concrete

How Pests Can Seriously Damage Your Concrete

One of the most common threats to concrete is one that you might not even think of—pests!

The concrete surfaces outside of your home help you use the landscape the way that you want to, whether it’s a concrete patio that lets you enjoy time outside more or a driveway that makes it easy to park where you want to. However, all of the concrete requires proper maintenance and care to avoid premature damage. One of the most common threats to concrete is one that you might not even think of—pests! 

Some Pests Can Eat Concrete

Did you know that some rodents and other pests have strong enough jaws that they can bite through concrete or dig through it? Moles, rats, and raccoons can all damage the concrete in your yard. Raccoons and moles are strong enough that they may dig tunnels in the soil underneath the concrete, which will destroy the concrete as a result. Rats have such strong jaws that they can chew through anything from wood to concrete, which can lead to tremendous damage. 

Mortar Bees and Pavement Ants Are Hidden Pests

Mortar bees and pavement ants are harder to spot than large pests, like raccoons, but they can do even more damage. Mortar bees are able to drill holes through a broad range of building materials, including bricks, wood, and concrete. These holes can lead to big problems if they’re in your foundation, as they may lead to cracking and a wide open door for other pests. 

Pavement ants are like carpenter ants, but they chew through concrete instead of wood. These ants will chew through your concrete to find a new home, so they may also enter your house and live there until they are removed. Also like carpenter ants, pavement ants can do a great deal of damage in a relatively short period of time. 

How Can You Prevent Damage to Your Concrete?

In order to avoid pest damage to your concrete, it’s important to regularly work with a pest control service and be vigilant for signs of damage. Prevention is key, but a quick reaction can also limit the scope of the damage to your concrete. 

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